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Benchmarking the Future World of Cities

Watch video: Jeremy Kelly and Tim Moonen discuss the key strengths of the world's most successful cities, the challenges these cities face in accommodating growth and reveal a new group of cities that are challenging the dominance of the world's most powerful and globally connected cities.

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The Business of Cities (May, 2015)

We analyse 200 city benchmarks and performance indices that provide invaluable insights uncovering metrics and signals of change not captured by the traditional real estate and economic indicators.


Globalisation and Competition: The New World of Cities (November, 2015)

We look at the strengths and weaknesses of 'Established World Cities', identify 'Emerging Cities' that are maturing fastest and examine the role of 'New World Cities' - smaller cities with distinct specialisms that compete successfully on the global stage despite their lack of scale.


Benchmarking the Future World of Cities (April 2016)

We break city rankings down by categories and topics, and look at how city performance measurement will evolve in the future and how it can be used effectively to inform future urban and business strategies.



Rosemary Feenan

Rosemary is an International Director and Head of JLL's Cities Research Programme, which she set up 12 years ago. For Rosemary, analysing, tracking and interpreting and anticipating the nature of the New World of Cities is as important as it is fascinating.

Rosemary is a Trustee of the Urban Land Institute and serves on the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on the Future of Cities. Rosemary is a frequent keynote speaker at major industry events and international conferences.

Jeremy Kelly

Jeremy is a Director in JLL's Global Research team and is one of the spearheads of JLL's Cities Research Center. A passionate advocate of the role of real estate in driving city success, Jeremy is the author of several of JLL's Global Research publications, including the City Momentum Index and the Global Real Estate Transparency Index.

Will McBryde

Will is an Analyst in JLL's Global Research team. He joined JLL in 2015 having completed a Masters degree in Globalisation at UCL. His interests lie in the ability of large-scale real estate projects to transform the trajectories of cities, as well as in city competitiveness and the role of city rankings.

Greg Clark

As Chairman of The Business of Cities group, Greg leads a team that advises global cities, firms and institutions and reports on global trends and changes in cities. Greg has worked with over 100 cities around the world and holds senior advisory roles at international bodies including the OECD, Brookings Institution and ULI. A prolific author, Greg has published ten books to date on cities and investment practices. In 2016, Greg was honoured by HM Queen Elizabeth II with a CBE for his services to city and regional economic development.

Tim Moonen

Director of Intelligence with the Business of Cities Group, Tim helps shape a unique set of optics designed to better understand urban dynamics and city competitiveness in the current cycle of globalisation.