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​​​JLL Events at EXPO REAL

Our delegates will be taking part in a number of events during EXPO REAL. Visitors are welcome ​to attend any of the items on our sched​ule.

JLL EXPO REAL 2016 Schedule of Events:

Tuesday, 4th October 10 am - 10.50 am

Hall A1, stand 040, "Investment Locations Forum: Europa,United Kingdom", Mahdi Mokrane (LaSalle) (language of lecture: English)

Tuesday, 4th October 11 am - 12.30 pm

Room A11, "Digital Transformation of the real estate sector", Kai Zimprich (language of lecture: German)

Tuesday, 4th October 3 pm - 3.50 pm

Hall A1, stand 040, US Real Estate Market: "Which Sectors? Which Markets?", Rob Hielscher
​(language of lecture: English)

Wednesday, 5th October 10.00 am - 10​.45 am

Hall A2, stand 232, International Investors Lounge, “Future-proof logistics assets: How will future logistics real estate requirements be different from today – and how can developers and investors maintain the edge", Nick Jones and Alexandra Tornow (language of lecture: English)

Wednesday, 5th October 11.00 am - 12.30 pm

Room B21, "Bubble, Brake, Berlin: German Residential Properties in 2016", Kortmann, Grimm, Heidrich (language of lecture: German)

Wednesday, 5th October 11.20 am - 12.20 pm

Hall A1, Discussion & Networking Forum, "Surfing the wave of disruption: how technology, data and the digital revolution will change the future of real estate investing", Guy Grainger (language of lecture: English)


Wednesday, 5th October 11.30 am - 12.45 pm

Hall C1, stand 334, Post-Brexit Investment: Where and how do professionals invest in Germany, Timo Tschammler (language of lecture: German)

Wednesday, 5th October 3 pm - 4.15 pm

Grand Plaza, Hall C2, "Enhancing the shopping experience", Jonathan Doughty
​ (language of lecture: English)

Wednesday, 5th October 5 pm - 5.50 pm

Hall A2, stand 040, "Planning & Partnerships Forum: Mega-City Development: New infrastructure, housing, density and investment capacity", Katie Kopec (language of lecture: English)