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Case Study

Asset Management Fund - Single 'Deep-dive' Energy Assessments

Asset Management Fund - Single 'Deep-dive' Energy AssessmentsCHALLENGE Approx. 7,111 m2 total lettable ‘treated’ floor area, modern dedicated office complex over 7 floors, sub-let to multiple tenants. Each floor has been provided to the tenant core & shell, several floors having undergone recent refurbishments. Each tenant fits out the internal office space according to their own specification. No opportunities for owner-occupied green-space planning to explore any consolidation opportunities. HVAC services are common and fall within Landlord operation and maintenance, however only lighting in communal areas falls within Landlord demise. Limited ‘accurate’ metering available to generate facility energy allocation report.

SOLUTION Jones Lang LaSalle Energy & Sustainability Services Team Site Visits conducted on 18/12/2009 & 25/01/2010. No-Cost Projects: Trend 963 BMS controlling centralised HVAC, Improve overall central management of plant runtimes Identified several no-cost BEMS optimisation ECOs, BEMs historical data collection & calendar function, Review humidity sensor SP & calibration + control strategy, Management of BMS Alarms, Improve site team understanding of system through training, Review Optimiser &/or frost-protection start-up control strategies. Identification of Low-Cost & Capital investment Projects: De-commissioning of Optimisation, Disabling of Chillers / Cooling Towers & Associated Plant during heating season, Upgrading / Augmenting Existing HVAC Plant and Ancillary Equipment, Boiler Dry-cycling Optimisation, Upgrading Humidification System to low-energy solution, Upgrade to high-efficiency bag-filters, Upgrade to high-efficiency halogen lamps. Assessment of Site Operations and Operational Risks: AHU #3 Operation & Fault-resolution, Correct Temperature & Operation of VAV Terminal Units, Correct AHU Damper Control Strategy, Rectify faults with any HVAC Plant operating ‘in-hand’, Remedy Operation of Cooling Tower Bypass Valves, Remedial Work on Sprinkler System Storage Tank

RESULTS Documented 603,600 kWh energy savings identified, 296 tonnes of carbon savings identified, £87.3k operational cost savings identified. Overall energy & CO2 reduction of 21.9% identified, representing a utility consumption cost reduction of 30.9%

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