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Case Study

International Asset Management - Six 'Deep-dive' Energy Assessments

International Asset Management - Six 'Deep-dive' Energy AssessmentsCHALLENGE Undertake detailed studies that identify energy reduction and facility operational, procurement & capital investment improvement measures that can be implemented by the client and their associated hard FM services for all seven offices locations, France. Very limited pre-existing site information (e.g. basic / zero asset listings for key energy-consuming plant, poor quality historical utility consumption/cost datasets, shared services between neighbouring properties including district heating / cooling services). Multiple occupancy and building usage types (owner-occupier, multiple tenant & sub-leasing scenarios, significant datacentre presence etc.) Geographical spread presenting language and logistical coverage challenges (3 x France, 2 x Germany, 1 x Italy, 1 x Switzerland). Significant variation in office ages, critical environment inclusions (datacentres), building envelope and services, supporting services and infrastructure.

SOLUTION Detailed site assessment (2-4 days per site depending on size and complexity) + pre/post analysis & report generation. Site utility consumption/cost/carbon/water usage analysis and profiling, including end-use analysis for key energy-consuming plant/lighting, site base-lining and benchmarking against peer-sites & industry typical practice with normalised metric of performance (unit of product / kWh) etc. ECO analyses include brief descriptions, calculated energy savings and budgetary cost information. Further refinement and/or engineering may be needed to take the individual measure to implementation. Some ‘seed’ money for feasibility studies may be required, particularly for the significant capital investment measures, in order to provide accurate cost-benefit analysis. ECO analyses include a complete utility data and an equipment end use analysis of the office complexes giving insight into the energy use patterns of the facility that, when compared to occupancy schedules, identify operational areas that require more detailed evaluation

RESULTS Documented 4,966 MWh energy savings identified. 903 tonnes of carbon savings identified. €393k operational cost savings identified.

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