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Case Study

Manufacturing Site Assessments

Manufacturing Site AssessmentsCHALLENGE Demanding remit from client to deliver three ‘Deep-Dive’ Energy Assessments of manufacturing campus sites, capturing energy, carbon and water efficiency project cost-benefit analyses including detailed analysis and reporting against potential savings, benchmarking and base-lining site performance.
Limited pre-existing site information (e.g. basic / obsolete asset listings for key energy-consuming plant, poor quality historical utility consumption/cost datasets etc.)
Geographical spread presenting language and logistical coverage challenges (Southern Ireland, Swiss Normandy in France, and West France locations).
Significant variation in product of manufacture and associated core manufacturing processes (e.g. ranging from foundry, high-temperature molten metal works to mass production-lines of complex high-performance car components)
Complex and large-scale underlying utility services (Chilled water and medium-pressure hot water generation, compressed air generation, dust extraction and capture etc.) and supporting infrastructure (e.g. high-bay lighting, reinforced compressed air distribution, reinforced electrical 3-phase factory-floor distribution etc.)

SOLUTION Detailed site assessment (3-4 days per site depending on size and complexity) + pre/post analysis & report generation
Site utility consumption/cost/carbon/water usage analysis and profiling, including end-use analysis for key energy-consuming plant/lighting, site base-lining and benchmarking against peer-sites & industry typical practice with normalised metric of performance (unit of product / kWh) etc.
Energy Conservation/Efficiency Opportunity (ECO) project inventory, including prioritised listing of projects (no-cost / low-cost / capital-required)
ECO Project scoping worksheets, including outline scope of work requirements, detailed cost-benefit analysis, financial justifications, required for concept screening / project approval purposes etc.

RESULTS Documented 6,295 MWh energy savings identified. 1,827 tonnes of carbon savings identified. €382k operational cost savings identified

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