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Case Study

The Netherlands Real Estate Council


  • The Real Estate Council of the Netherlands (Raad voor Vastgoed Rijksoverheid) helps public agencies to make their projects more sustainable by developing knowledge on innovative programmes. 
  • Jones Lang LaSalle was commissioned to undertake a study on the success factors of sustainable real estate development programmes undertaken in two other European countries.


  • Two projects were selected for the study:
    - Allenby Connaught from Ministry of Defense in the UK, the largest PFI-contract in the UK for managing the army barracks and making them more sustainable.
    - HafenCity Hamburg in Germany, the largest inner-city redevelopment in Europe.
  • These projects were studied in detail and site visits were made in order to present relevant findings to the client.


  • Jones Lang LaSalle provided The Netherlands Real Estate Council with a series of practical conclusions and recommendations for how the organisation can assist public agencies in making their real estate projects more sustainable.

To learn more about how to address environmental and social impacts throughout your investment, development, or occupational activities visit the main EMEA Sustainability page

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