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Case Study

Prupim - BREEAM Gap assessment


  • PRUPIM is committed to reduce their building’s environmental impact while maximizing economic prosperity and building efficiency.
  • Given this focus and the potential value of implementing sustainability and energy efficiency measures, PRUPIM ordered Jones Lang LaSalle to undertake a sustainability pre–assessment on their logistics warehouse (39,000m²) located in Enschede in the Netherlands.
  • PRUPIM wants to know what measures could be implemented to improve the building to the various
  • BREEAM standards and the costs of doing this, clearly looking for the most cost effective solutions to achieve the different standards. Prupim aims for a “Good” or “Very Good” certificate.
  • Prupim looks to exploit the upcoming period of planned maintenance to optimize the property for a BREEAM score.


  • Jones Lang LaSalle developed an assessment tool based on the checklist of the DGBC. In this tool costs and level of difficulty to achieve credits is incorporated.
  • Based on an extensive side survey by two JLL BREEAM NL experts and several technical survey reports a “Score in current state” is estimated.
  • By matching the recommendations from the technical surveys with natural replacements moments of installations on one side with scoring possibilities in BREEAM on the other side, the most efficient manner of improving the score is guaranteed.
  • To maximize the possible score, measures that fall outside regular “maintenance” and that are specific for BREEAM are listed. Based on costs of these measures, and time needed for implementation, additional points are added to the score.


  • The total Gap assessment has taken place and Prupim has a clear roadmap with costs involved and a timeline to optimize the BREEAM NL score of the property if and when Prupim decides to start the maintenance program.

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