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Case Study

Global Insurance Company | European Portfolio

Identifying opportunities for an insurance company that could reduce annual energy consumption by 45%

For a complete insight into the energy and cost-saving potential, investment alternatives and likely ROI of a carbon reduction and energy management programme for its real estate assets, a major Global Insurance group turned to our extensive sustainability expertise to analyse a sample of its portfolio and provide a range of deliverable options.

Having calculated an energy and carbon baseline, compared against industry benchmarks, we undertook in-depth audits of energy and carbon reduction opportunities on properties in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Each was evaluated according to criteria such as capital cost, net present value and payback period, as well as CO2 reductions, and the potential measures and returns were then packaged into three different investment scenarios – low cost/no cost; planned five-year capital upgrade; and an immediate capital programme based on maximum reduction.

The sample evaluation now means that the client can clearly see how properties are performing against their own and industry benchmarks, and identify the savings potentials (up to 45% on energy) and investment options for future implementation.

To learn more about how to address environmental and social impacts throughout your investment, development, or occupational activities visit the main EMEA Sustainability page

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