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Case Study

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Global Reporting InitiativeSelected as ‘the best’ in best practice for new worldwide sustainability reporting guidelines

To establish new guidelines specific to construction and real estate, the GRI - who produce the world's most prevalent standards for sustainability reporting - needed a collaboration of experts and reporters to address a range of complex issues affecting multiple players and markets.  Along with major investors and developers, it chose Jones Lang LaSalle for its worldwide advisory, research and sustainability capabilities, and its connectivity to stakeholders within the real estate sector.

Our mandate was to provide international best practice research and technical performance measurement inputs (backed by our sustainability monitoring and carbon accounting expertise) - both essential to the guidelines. In doing so, we provided a pivotal role in the consensus-building process for a geographically diverse group of stakeholders, and helped to articulate complicated issues to sometimes non-native English speakers within the GRI Working Group.

The guidelines were launched in September 2011 and companies are already looking at adopting them into their 2012 Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Reports. Our part in this initiative has facilitated related work, including property advice to the Prince of Wales’ Accounting for Sustainability project, which aims to link sustainability management performance to the long-term financial performance of a company.

To learn more about how to address environmental and social impacts throughout your investment, development, or occupational activities visit the main EMEA Sustainability page

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