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Jones Lang LaSalle achieves success at the Green500 Awards

Winning a Gold Badge

London, 10 June 2010 - Jones Lang LaSalle has won a Gold Green500 Award at the Green 500 Better Buildings Partnership Awards Ceremony which is sponsored by the Mayor of London and aims to recognise those London organisations that have taken action to reduce their CO2 emissions.  Other Gold winners this year include; Aon, Hays Plc, Arsenal FC, Twickenham RFU, ING Wholesale Banking, and National Theatre.
Current CO2 emissions in London stand at 44 million tonnes.  A ‘business-as-usual’ approach would see emissions rise to 51 million tonnes by 2025.  This increase goes against the UK Government’s commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% on 1990 levels by 2050. Through Green500, businesses in London have the opportunity to play their part in achieving this challenging target.
Green500 is one of a number of London Development Agency (LDA) initiatives, including the Better Buildings Partnership, which aims to reduce the capital’s CO2 emissions amongst the City’s leading property owners.  The aim of Green500 is to enlist some of London’s largest and most prestigious organisations, and mentor them through their carbon reduction commitments.  Commenting on the award win, Julie Hirigoyen, head of Jones Lang LaSalle’s Energy and Sustainability team, said: “This is an excellent accolade for us and we are delighted to be playing such a vital role in helping London and indeed the UK to meet the Government’s carbon emissions targets.  This award reflects the cross-team effort and success within Jones Lang LaSalle’s global ACT (A Cleaner Tomorrow) campaign.”
The Green500 is different from other carbon management schemes in that it acknowledges an organisation’s historical and ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The Green500 scheme awards two distinct sets of badges:
The Green500 Badges – a hierarchy of five badges (running Bronze to Diamond) that reflect the carbon saving actions of an organisation within London.
Green500 Special Awards – provide recognition for particular achievements
The Green500 Badges reward organisations that have made strong achievements prior to committing to the programme and those that have implemented recommendations made within the Green500 bespoke Action Plan. There are seven categories that are assessed using a weighted scoring to determine the level of action undertaken by an organisation.

The Carbon Footprint accounts for the majority of the Green500 badge award; meaning that organisations that achieve the biggest CO2 reductions – relative to their starting point – will do best in the scheme. By scoring CO2 savings and carbon saving activities, the scheme ensures a robust audit trail, and CO2 savings are evidenced by action, investment and demonstrable results.  Badges will be awarded on the basis of the total percentage scored across all weighted criteria.