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Jones Lang LaSalle Announces National Director Promotions

London, 2nd July 2010 - Jones Lang LaSalle has announced the promotion of 25 employees from across the English business and England-based pan European and global business units to the role of National Director, with effect from 1st July 2010.

Andrew Gould, Chief Executive, Jones Lang LaSalle England said: “Our colleagues who have been promoted to National Director have demonstrated exemplary professional skills, a strategic outlook on the business and excellent leadership skills, which will enable them to motivate their teams to the highest levels of success.  I am delighted to see such a high calibre list of individuals stretching right across the business, and I extend my congratulations to each and every one.”

English Business
Simon Cunliffe - City Agency
Nigel Wallnofer - West End Agency
Angus Currie - National Office Agency
Capital Markets
James Findlater - Retail Investment
Corporate Solutions
Justin Plumpton - LBG Estate Management
Tom Newton - Corporate Accounts
John Miller - Corporate Accounts
Richard Porter - Corporate Capital
Professional Advisory
Christian Luft - Valuation Advisory
Philip Jay - Rating
Cara Cummins - Valuation Advisory
Property & Asset Management
Carrie Sanders - Shopping Centres Management
Sarah Gray - Client Accounts
Chris Smith - In-Town Professional
Jonathan Speer - In-Town Professional
Kevin Donohue - Asset Advisory
Pan-European & Global Business Groups
Corporate Finance
Joe Guilfoyle - Corporate Finance
European Capital Markets
Mike Bellhouse - European Retail Capital Markets
Nicola Robson (née Birkett) - European Retail Capital Markets
European Marketing
Madeleine Little - PR
European Research
Bill Page - European Research
Stephanie McMahon - European Research
Real Estate Work-Out
Susannah Philp - Real Estate Work-Out
IFM (UK-Based only)
Craig Orford - Interim Operations Director, IFM
Darren Belcher - EMEA and Asia Project and Programme Leader, IFM - Procter & Gamble account