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Better Buildings Partnership and Greenprint form alliance

Carbon Index set to establish standard for emissions measuring and benchmarking

London, 31st January 2010 – The Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) and Greenprint Foundation have announced the formation of an alliance to advance their common goal to reduce carbon emissions and improve the sustainability of their members’ property portfolios and, by example, the entire property industry. The announcement was made by Peter Clarke, Chairman of BBP and Charles B. Leitner, Chief Executive Officer of Greenprint Foundation.
The BBP is a collaboration of London’s leading commercial property owners and allied organisations, supported by the Mayor of London and the London Development Agency. Greenprint Foundation is a worldwide alliance of leading real estate owners, investors, and financial institutions committed to reducing carbon emissions across the global property industry. Together their membership represents approximately US$480 billion (£300 billion, €352 billion) of assets under management. One of the most significant aspects of their alliance is the participation of BBP members in Greenprint’s Carbon Index™ which ensures that the Index, already one of the largest global measurements of real estate’s carbon footprint, is positioned to become the worldwide market standard for measuring and benchmarking carbon emissions. In addition, the BBP will make available to all Greenprint members its Toolkits which include the Green Building Management Toolkit, the Green Lease Toolkit, the Sustainability Benchmarking Toolkit for Commercial Buildings and the Low Carbon Retrofit Toolkit.
“This alliance brings together London’s most prominent commercial property owners and our growing international membership to further deepen the amount of data and best practices that can be shared towards our mutual goal of lowering carbon emissions while enhancing property values”, said Leitner.
“I am delighted that the lead taken by London’s major landlords, in partnership with The Mayor of London, to create the BBP has been further strengthened by our collaboration with Greenprint to allow the BBP’s work to be shared with a wider audience and to gain benefits from benchmarking and sharing of best practice across many of the world’s major cities”, said Clarke.
Greenprint Foundation is a worldwide alliance of leading real estate owners, investors, and financial institutions committed to reducing carbon emissions across the global property industry. Greenprint Foundation is a catalyst for change, taking meaningful, immediate, and measurable actions to generate solutions that improve energy efficiency and create value in property portfolios. The Foundation focuses on the built environment, which represents one third of all carbon emissions. The Greenprint Carbon Index™ provides a consolidated view of its members’ participating portfolios, detailing their current carbon output and providing an important benchmark with which to measure progress in reducing carbon emissions.
The Better Business Partnership brings together a number of the largest commercial and public property owners in London in one collaborative organisation. All members are working together to improve the sustainability of London’s existing commercial building stock and accelerate the reduction in CO2 emissions from these buildings.
Matthew Tippett, Director in Jones Lang LaSalle’s Sustainability Services team, said: “Jones Lang LaSalle welcomes today’s announcement that London’s Better Building Partnership and the Greenprint Foundation are forming an alliance. It will come as positive news for property professionals and sustainability managers the world over, who struggle to keep apace with an ever increasing number of sustainability initiatives. The two bodies, both committed to reducing their members’ carbon footprints, will share their tools, knowledge and case studies, and create one of the world’s largest sustainability benchmarks of its kind.”
Matthew concluded: “Jones Lang LaSalle provides sustainability services to both organisations and many of their members - including sustainability measurement, monitoring and benchmarking. They will thus profit from a seamless integration of their underlying datasets.  The most comprehensive global dataset of energy and greenhouse gas emissions for buildings can therefore be formed to their mutual benefit.”