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JLL launches an informative website on Greater Paris, France

​JLL is launching a landmark website dedicated to Greater Paris which will be available both in French and English.

"Our new dedicated website is designed to give our current and potential clients market-leading insight into the Greater Paris region and its consequences on the commercial real estate markets. Not only will the website help people to gain a deep understanding of the transformational project being undertaken, but it will also help them to keep up to date on the latest news, anticipate future changes and ultimately help them to seize the best opportunities" explains Virginie Houzé, Head of Research at JLL.
The sheer scale of the Greater Paris project cannot be underestimated. When you consider that Paris…
…is the first economic region in Europe

…is the only European city along with London to rank amongst the global megacities
…had a GDP of € 612 billion in 2012 (31% of the total GDP of France)

It is clear that there is more at stake than a mere upgrade of the transportation network. There are multiple implications for housing, economic growth, the environment and culture.

“The website will raises a number of questions which will be opportunities for both corporates and investors over the coming years: the choice of location to move to or to invest in, the type of product to develop and over what timeframe”, adds Houzé.

 The website includes:
- A series of synthesis presenting the overall Greater Paris project, the future Grand Paris Express transportation network and the region’s clusters, each with their respective milestones and maps;
- A forward looking analysis of the impact of Greater Paris on the tertiary markets in the Ile-de-France region;
- Interviews with experts.