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News specials

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Digging deeper to get to the heart of the trends shaping the commercial real estate industry.

  • rosemary-feenan-120.jpg

    Rosemary Feenan - 9 March 2015

    Measuring the 'wind in the sails' factor: Why momentum is crucial to a city's competitiveness

    Successful cities are never still. They change constantly, reacting swiftly to the prevailing winds of urbanisation, globalisation and technological innovation, and to the changing demands and opportunities that arrive with them. The ability of a city to adapt to change will be one of its defining measures of competitiveness. JLL’s Rosemary Feenan, explains more…

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  • luxury-retailers-look-north-news-special.jpg

    Sweden - 16 December ​2014

    Why are so many luxury retailers heading to the Nordics?

    Stable, affluent and comparatively low prime rents - no wonder record numbers of luxury retailers are  eyeing opportunities in the Nordic markets.​

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  • Student Accommodation – no longer an alternative asset class?

    Stuart Osborn - 03 December ​2014

    Student Accommodation – no longer an alternative asset class?

    As the UK’s universities once again see record numbers of students taking up places at the start of the 2014 academic year, where those students will live is of growing interest to another group: investors.

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  • Overseas money helps build London homes

    Felicity Young​ - 3 November 2014

    Overseas money helps build London homes

    London is universally recognised as a – if not the – premier global city. But with residential housing supply lagging far behind demand, could international capital pro​vide a boost that the city needs to make up the shortfall?

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  • China - 24 October 2014

    Why hotels are the latest must-have for Chinese investors

    As ownership of the Paris Marriott Hotel Champ​s Elysees transfers to a Hong Kong based property group, JLL investigates the growing trend of Chinese investors ploughing capital into assets that cater to the increasing demand from Chinese tourists.

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  • Ports and Multimodal

    Ireland - 07 October 2014

    The Return of the Celtic Tiger?

    Following its dramatic crash in 2008, Ireland can today boast of the most robust recovery stories in Europe. After eight years, is the tiger stirring? 

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  • Ports and Multimodal

    Alexandra Tornow - 03 October 2014

    Ports and multi-modal: All ahead, but slow

    As e-commerce levels sharpen the focus on supply chains, logistics facilities near seaports will become even more important.

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  • Warsaw-120.jpg

    Poland - 12 September 2014

    Warsaw: small changes, big impacts on city development

    Micro-locations across Warsaw are undergoing an exciting transformation. JLL Poland explore what these changes mean for the city.

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  • claudia-hamm-bastow-jll-120x120.jpg

    Claudia Hamm - 21 July 2014

    The ‘always on’ work culture – learn to say ‘when’

    Mobile technology and increasing flexibility with regards to when and where we work has many advantages. But how do we protect personal well-being and leverage true work-life balance?

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  • JamesBrownJeremyEddy.png

    James Brown | Jeremy Eddy - 25 June 2014

    Bluewater: more than just a real estate deal

    What this flagship UK shopping centre transaction really means for retail real estate investment.

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