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Coworking transforming CRE


A new era of coworking

The coworking revolution is transforming real estate. A growing number of companies, large and small, are exploring how to incorporate the concept pioneered by start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

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Four models can be applied by organisations seeking to exploit the benefits of coworking

There are a number of examples where companies have successfully employed coworking. Four core models are emerging which can be applied by organisations seeking to exploit the benefits of coworking.

  • Internal Collaboration

    Internal coworking space for employees only.

  • Coworking Memberships

    External coworking memberships for employees.

  • External Coworking Space

    Collaboration space for employees shared with external organisations/individuals in an external coworking environment.

  • Internal Coworking Space

    Internal coworking space open to external organisations/individuals.

To find out even more information on workplace expression, check our presentation on Slideshare

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