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European Office Property Clock

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Annual office take-up reaches post-GFC high as Paris and the German Big 5 outperform

The European economy faced significant political risk in 2017, ranging from the Catalonian crisis and ongoing uncertainty around Brexit negotiations to the extended coalition talks in Germany. However, these did not prevent economic growth from accelerating at its highest rate in a decade across the continent. The European office market has shown a similar trend to the economy. While we expect 2018 to pose a number of challenges, we forecast demand for offices to remain robust and rental growth to continue to outperform the 10-year average.


This diagram illustrates where JLL estimate each prime office market is within its individual rental cycle at the end of December ​2017.
Markets can move around the clock at different speeds and directions.
The diagram is a convenient method of comparing the relative position of markets in their rental cycle.
Their position is not necessarily representative of investment or development market prospects.
Their position refers to Prime Face Rental Values.

Prime Rent (read)

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