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European Office Property Clock

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European office market fundamentals solid as take-up surprises on the upside

In Q3 2016, European office take-up fell by 7% y-o-y, dragged down by lower activity in the UK and Spain. However, office market fundamentals remain strong in mainland Europe, with Q3 2016 take-up 9% ahead of the 10-year average. While leasing in London has clearly slowed, the impact of the UK's referendum decision on the continental European leasing market has so far been modest.


This diagram illustrates where JLL estimate each prime office market is within its individual rental cycle at the end of September 2016
Markets can move around the clock at different speeds and directions
The diagram is a convenient method of comparing the relative position of markets in their rental cycle
Their position is not necessarily representative of investment or development market prospects.
Their position refers to Prime Face Rental Values

Prime Rent (read)

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