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Once, the office was just the office. No more.

​​​​​​Today, in the P&L of corporates, not only are property costs second only to those of staff, but also the office itself is an intrinsic part of the business model, function, brand and staff retention strategy. It is as vital a part of the operation as the very products and services that the business provides.

A market-leading team, we work with clients to ensure that every aspect of real estate chimes with their overall business objectives.
European Corporate Consulting forms part of European Corporate Solutions and works exclusively with Corporate Occupiers across the UK and Europe to deliver strategic projects across a variety of disciplines. We seek to answer the difficult questions that our clients have regarding their portfolio or strategic direction they wish to take to support the business.

Pragmatic and practical, we work right across the spectrum of property issues, from where workplaces should be located to how workspaces can be best used; from how property portfolios should be planned, to improving the performance of CRE departments and overall change management. The results are always success focused but can involve a significant reduction in real estate costs, and marked improvements in the efficiency of the clients’ portfolio. Our mantra is the right property for the right business.