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Occupancy Planning

The agility you need to adjust to changing conditions and take advantage of opportunities.

We help you respond more quickly to business drivers.
An effective occupancy strategy requires a direct “line of sight” to the enterprise mission, goals and objectives.  After all, the strategy touches all workers across the enterprise. Building a planning process to enhance and promote success leads to greater employee satisfaction as well as the direct support for business lines. We help you create an effective occupancy strategy that leads to greater responsiveness of space solutions and increases agility within the enterprise. 
We help you take advantage of market opportunities and avoid threats.
To understand how to best use space, it is imperative to understand a company’s services and products.  As business lines grow or contract, you need the business intelligence to effectively adjust the strategy.  Our Occupancy Planning team provides a solution that fits your forecasted needs, allows co-habitation between business lines, and creates options to respond to market opportunities or threats.  
We help you build a consistent foundation.
Occupancy planning is similar to other disciplines requiring a strong foundation to drive consistent results.  The flow of data requires tools to manage, analyze and provide information when needed. Our team understands that to build a sustained Occupancy Planning program, it is important to establish a consistent process. A consistent foundation provides you with the agility to adjust based on changing influences.​