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Occupancy Planning

The plan you need to effectively manage your risks.

We help analyze demand against supply.
A strategic occupancy planner intimately understands both the demand and the supply. The analysis of the two together provides insight on the rate of consumption, highlighting key decision points. Our Occupancy Planning team creates an occupancy plan that will highlight where there are risks in your current occupancy strategy and provide options to mitigate those risks.

We help you avoid the cost of an incorrectly sized portfolio.
Effective Occupancy Planning provides insights about the behavior of your business units and how the space is utilized. Striking the balance between too much vacancy and not enough vacancy is vital to running your business effectively. Too much vacancy can cost you millions of dollars in operating expenses annually as a cost to carry vacancy. On the other hand, not enough vacancy can significantly disrupt your business or ruin company morale.  Our Occupancy Planning team right-sizes your portfolio to mitigate the risks of extra costs, business disruptions and employee dissatisfaction.

We provide professional development to hone and improve skills.
A skilled planning team delivers complex analysis and solutions for your lines of business.  To ensure success for you, our team undergoes regular professional development that allows us to continually hone and improve our skills. We can also help motivate your team members by providing professional development for them. A large amount of business intelligence resides with the planning team, so providing professional development of skills helps mitigates risk.