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Occupancy Planning

​The predictability you need to create company stability and increase earnings.

We provide structured guidelines for how your occupancy plan will run.
Every enterprise has a culture, defined process, and decision makers who commit the enterprise’s revenue into expense and capital. Occupancy Planning can establish the governance needed to effectively manage a company’s assets. Our team establishes governance as a milestone within a program. It’s more than just a concept – governance establishes a group of people who are empowered and chartered with providing oversight of a program. This group helps create predictability by establishing standards and protocols within the analysis process.  Over time, the confidence in the information drives better and faster decisions. 
We provide portfolio insight based on reporting and analysis.
Real estate portfolios ebb and flow over time.  Insight into how the portfolio is designed and, ultimately, used gives the decision makers the ability to make course corrections, act with more agility, and remove subjectivity from the discussion. By watching and analyzing a portfolio over time, our Occupancy Planning team can better evaluate requests from business units and project future needs. Our team provides consistent reporting that highlights portfolio behavior over time and tells the story with confidence. 

We help you increase your stock price.
There is a direct correlation between the assets of a company and the stock price in the market.  Utilization, cost and capacity are all supply indicators for the performance of a company’s Gross Operating Margins.  When real estate and headcount are combined with the cost of sales and the expense of R&D, a company can see the revenue growth needed to drive profitability. Our Occupancy Planning team is a secret weapon in your company’s ability to improve its stock price. We help with root decisions of how to use real estate and how waste is treated - giving investors insight into your cash flow, increasing the stock price, and driving confidence for future investment.