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Updated May 2018. Due to volatile currency markets in 2017, which impacted our pricings across several European countries, we’ve revisited our initial pricing sheets and updated the non-Euro markets to better reflect current prices in 2018. Our methodology and the local market pricings have remained consistent, however, the pricings may appear to have fluctuated due to Euro conversion.

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Our Fit-Out Cost Guide provides you with the data and intelligence you need to make decisions that achieve your workplace ambitions.

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The guide details costs for a specific ‘priced scheme’, which assumes the building is well located in the Central Business District (CBD), with base build completed less than 12 years ago.



Using our extensive network of JLL cost managers and project managers, workplace designers and Tetris, JLL’s in-house design and build contractor, we are able to compare costs and local market practices for a modern corporate standard of fit out.



This guide is intended to provide you with powerful insights and data surrounding new office fit-outs to support informed business decisions.

2017 Highlights

Momentum in Europe’s construction markets has reached the highest levels since 2007,
with confidence fuelled by expectations of the level of order books.

Office fit out costs*

Most expensive markets
Regional average

European Operating environment 2017

GDP Change Y/Y
CPI Change Y/Y
Unemployment current rage, EU

Source: JLL, European Commission & Oxford Economics. *Excludes furniture costs

Office fit-out costs

Cost data was collated from JLL’s network of local cost managers, project managers, workplace designers and Tétris’ Design & Build team.

By Region

By City

Source: JLL, 2017 (Furniture pricing sourced from leading office furniture company)

As activity continues to gather pace, being informed is now more important than ever. Our report reviews current trends to provide you with a guide to what to watch – or consider – when fitting out your office space.

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