​Global Food Trends 2018

Get ready for apocalyptic virtual reality dining, next generation robo-chefs, lab-burgers and ‘taco mode’ on your ride home.


JLL Foodservice Consulting have scoured the globe for the most weird, wonderful but also prophetic innovations in the world of foodservice. You can expect:

  • Five Mega-Trends that are defining all facets of consumerism.
  • A deeper understanding as to how and why each of these are developing.
  • Considerations on the implications for the eating out market, in our 10 Foodservice Trends.

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Global Food Trends 2018

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What’s in our Global Food Trends 2018?

The Importance of Food

Understand Eating Out proportions, US retail spending differences as well as what factors are creating the importance of food in our industry.

The Mega-Trends

Find out what the key trends are, as well as how our Ten Foodservice Trends branch out from these.

What’s Next?

Delve into the questions that our Mega-Trends raise for Landlords and Operators alike. What do we believe the next big thing will be?

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