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We help you stay abreast of global trends and anticipate what's coming next in the world of logistics and supply chain. Explore our innovative tools, intelligent research and timely analysis to keep up to date on the state of the industry.​

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European Logistics Market Fundamentals Q4 2016/emea/en-gb/research/292/european_logistics_market_fundmentals_q4_2016European Logistics Market Fundamentals Q4 2016European logistics take-up is riding high on the e-commerce wave. In its wake, development activity rises further as vacancy is shrinking to cyclical lows.
European Corporate Occupier Conditions – Industrial Q4 2016/emea/en-gb/research/291/european_industrial_occupier_conditions_q4_2016European Corporate Occupier Conditions – Industrial Q4 2016Total take-up set a new record in 2016 with over 19 million sq m for the first time in the European market. The final quarter pushed the total to a new record. There was over 6 million sq m in take-up in Q4 alone.
European Logistics & Industrial Capital Markets Q4 2016/emea/en-gb/research/290/european-logistics-industrial-capital-markets-q4-2016-v1European Logistics & Industrial Capital Markets Q4 2016Investment in European Industrial and Logistics markets in 2016 rose 5% on 2015, despite lower activity in the UK. As investor demand remains robust, boosted by international capital, we explore some of the key drivers behind this trend.
Global Market Perspective Q1 2017 /research/190/jll-global-market-perspective-q1-2017Global Market Perspective Q1 2017 Late-Cycle Momentum Continues into 2017
City Momentum Index 2017 /research/189/jll-city-momentum-index-2017City Momentum Index 2017 JLL identify the world’s most dynamic cities
The promise and perils of location decisions/emea/en-gb/research/288/the-promise-and-perils-of-location-decisionsThe promise and perils of location decisionsIn the current business climate, every international corporate will face major location decisions over the next few years. The paper discusses how good decisions can significantly increase long-term company performance.