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Offices 2020

Offices 2020 - The Future of Offices

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In 2012, JLL started a client-focused thought-leadership programme to address the office sector's most significant issues. Offices 2020 looked at the future of the office real estate industry across the entire EMEA region. The programme allowed investors, developers and occupiers to better understand the future of the offices sector and, consequently, identify the business opportunities and risks that lie ahead.

Below are some of the vital questions answered by our Offices 2020 programme. These questions, put to us by key industry players, allowed us to look into the nature of office real estate, what makes it tick and what the future can bring.

  • What will future offices be 'for'?
  • How will office real estate be funded in the future?
  • What will be tomorrow's office hotspots? 

Although we are now nearing 2020 and the campaign has come to a close, you can still join the debate via our LinkedIn Group.

JLL Research also continues to cover many of the major themes and trends identified in the programme, including the challenge of obsolescence and the impact of sustainability on real estate. These themes are also covered by a number of specialist teams in JLL such as Workplace Solutions or our Energy and Sustainability team.  

If you have any queries or wish to receive more information, please get in touch.