Omni-channel retail expanding as e-commerce companies increase physical footprint

The continuing growth of e-commerce and developments in technology are dominating the retail agenda. A notable trend is the expansion of omni-channel retail networks, with growing interest from e-commerce retailers and consumer goods manufacturers in opening physical outlets to provide a more engaging shopping experience to their customers.

Rapid structural change presents challenges and opportunity for U.S. retail market

The U.S. retail market showed stability at the beginning of 2018, with largely balanced supply and demand. However, this belied the continued retailer bankruptcy headlines and ongoing structural changes in the industry. The majority of markets are showing signs of slowing as fundamentals level off. The Toys “R” Us bankruptcy filing will undoubtedly impact the second half of the year, although clicks-to-bricks retailers are aggressively expanding their physical footprints.

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Consumer confidence in Europe remains resilient during lacklustre Q1

Confidence among consumers is still at historically high levels in both the EU and the Eurozone. However, Eurozone retail sales growth slowed in Q1 following a shopping splurge in November 2017 and freezing weather conditions in Europe during the first quarter. Following a strong 2017, retail sales are forecast to grow at a marginally slower rate over the next three years.

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Omni-channel retail continues its ascent in Asia Pacific

Major e-commerce companies in China continued to expand their retail networks and open physical outlets, particularly supermarkets. In Australia, many fashion and apparel operators maintained their store rationalisation strategies, while select international retailers continue to be key sources of demand. Leasing activity in Hong Kong remained dominated by cost-saving initiatives in core locations.

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